"Our Future is in Our Tradition "

This is Adiatek’s words of passion for manufacturing and is the expression of thirty years experience in manufacturing of auto scrubbing machines for industrial cleaning to support a team of efficient, motivated, and dynamic workers.


Adiatek scrubbing machines produce innovative and functional features, with a focus on the needs of the market to ensure effective solutions to every need of cleaning. Adiatek is among the first companies in the Veneto region in Europe to be awarded the label "Lavorosicuro" which means “Work Safe” as implemented in all production processes and System Management of Safety and Health at Work (SGSL),This result of the Memorandum of Understanding and work industry practices in INAIL-Regional Office for the Veneto, aims to implement new European guidelines on this issue. So Adiatek offers not only machines scrubbing of Italian production, but products made in an organizational context that wants to prevent accidents at work in a dynamic and challenging work environment.


Incorporate Adiatek into your clean.

Meet the easy way in using a scrubber.

Having an Adiatek Auto Scrubber you can have your mind at ease with servicing and spare parts availability as we have an efficient organizational system that allows the warehouse to ensure a swift delivery of spare parts and components nationwide.


We Support our Customers by providing:


• Customer service by email / telephone by experienced technicians.

• Training of all operators and users.
• Manuals and documents-technical education specific to the operator.

• Technical assistance for meetings organized by rivendit


Adiatek’s 10 year anniversary!

Last month in Verona we were privileged to attend Adiatek’s 10 year anniversary at the Palazzo Verità-Poeta in Verona. With us were all the Adiatek dealers from around the world who helped celebrate this important occasion.
President Mr Paolo Accadia was emotional in his address to his global customers for their support and friendship they have showed. Mr Accadia is passionate about the quality and performance of his machines and says as the years come Adiatek will only get better and better at providing it's users with the best machines available and continue to introduce more innovative products.
Adiatek announce the new arrival of the Baby 43. This unit is slightly bigger than the standard Baby and will provide its users with a compact unit on a bigger scale. This unit, that first in the world has a 360 deg rotating squeegee that is ideal for cleaning compact areas where the operator needs to go backwards. The squeegee in this manoeuvre spins around to the front picking up any water as the operator goes backwards.

Adiatek has also launched the Ozone Cleaning System to selected units in its range providing customers with chemical free cleaning using natural Oxygen from the air.

All of these new items will be officially launched in the upcoming months , thus stay tuned for these exciting announcements.

Daniel Pisaniello
General Manager